Collaborate with MS-MRI
Since the summer of 2010, we have processed more than 2,000 MS cases. We are constantly data mining these images and looking for important physiological data on MS and CCSVI. We invite you to send any relevant information such as research papers on MS research that you think may be of help related to the CCSVI theory. Please also read the history section on this web page.

As paraphrased by Dr. George B. Hassin of Chicago in 1935, when reviewing the more risky treatment of MS with sympathectomies: "...multiple sclerosis is such a distressing, hopeless condition that any therapeutic measure that appears promising should be given careful consideration, regardless of the difference of opinion as to the pathophysiologic features of this disease" [Wetherall].
Wetherell F. Cervicodorsal sympathectomy in multiple sclerosis. Arch Neurol Psych 1935; 34: 99-110.

  - using the CCSVI/Haacke protocol AND having the data analyzed by MR Innovations under the guidance of Prof. Haacke.
- participating in the MS NICE CCSVI data sharing project (this can include one or all of: MRI, ultrasound, CT, or angio data).
- participating in both projects (CCSVI/Haacke protocol & MS NICE CCSVI data sharing project).
- SWI generation II collaborators.
- potential collaborators.

If you would like to participate in one or both of these projects please contact Rachel Martis-Laze at to receive more information.

Full processing includes:
  -iron quantification
  -flow quantification
  -3D structural evaluation
  -lesion evaluation
  -complete statistical analysis